Who, Me?

   Well, I am just your normal gal from the Southern parts of this great nation. I grew up in Greenwood, Mississippi and am currently a resident of Music City, USA- the great Nashville, TN. Music is what I do, most of what I love, and some of who I am. But believe it or not, there is a lot more to this girl than just penning tunes and slinging drinks to pay the rent. I adore all food and love to cook, I'm a fan of trying new things (including random roller blading trips), hockey games (Mike Fisher) keep me entertained these days, photography is my side job/hobby/love AND I'm newly engaged to the man I wouldn't trade anything for.

   Having a ring on my finger has lifted me up and put me in a place where I have wanted to be for twenty something years. It is an amazing experience to be engaged and begin planning the day that you have dreamed about all this time. I have noticed though, that most people ask if I'm stressed, if I'm ready for it to be over yet, they sigh during an eye roll and snicker when I say, "it's fun!". Granted, most of these negative Nancy's are men. But nonetheless, I am here to tell you that planning a wedding is FUN! And why shouldn't it be? It's your day! There are some details of the day that can get hectic along the way but that's why I am dedicated to make it a little easier, to provide you with options in your area, and filter out the good, bad, and fugly parts of the process. This is a bride's guide to getting hitched in the dirty South, eloquently, of course. Follow along and if you have questions, comments or suggestions for me or other brides, please feel free to share the love. We're in this together. We are women, planning weddings, soon to be wifeys, { and we are wonderful }. So bring it on BIG DAY! We're ready to mount you on our antique mantels in a shabby chic weathered frame next to our college degree and Walter Anderson paintings.

xoxo  Meagan Rae

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