Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Worth 1000 Words

Aaaaah!! It's been a month since I last posted. I'm slapping myself on the wrist as we speak but I have been productive in the meantime, which means I have awesome info for you, so be nice to me. On top of planning a wedding, Matthew and I decided to do some house shopping as well so that has taken up every second of my free time. But, I'm back, I'm ready, and I'm more excited than ever.

The one category of wedding planning that was stressing me out the most was Photography. Taking photos is a hobby/side job for me so it made me very anxious to try and pick the best fit for my style and taste. It's my big day! I don't want to worry about saying 'hey, will you take a shot of that..' or worry that the details I want captured won't be captured. I confidently want to hand over all of my expectations and say 'hey, I trust you, here you go.' It took almost 5 months of research, several skype sessions, countless phonecalls and endless googling for me to finally narrow the search down to a person/company I was ready to commit to. (Wow, it's only photography). (Yeah, but it's the ONLY professional pics you'll have of your day. For forever.) SO, I'm going to make you a list of very talented, helpful, AND reasonably priced Photographers that I found. I liked different aspects of each one. I just made my lovely final decision yesterday. So, here ya go. Skype away:

adam + alli Photography -  (collections starting at 3500)
A husband and wife duo who specialize in weddings. Located in central Mississippi.
Property of adam+alli Photography

Whitney Bower Imaging-  (collections starting at 1950)
A pretty girl with a pretty great eye. Located in Arkansas.
Property of Whitney Bower Imaging

Studio 6-23-  (collections starting at 3900)
A husband and wife duo who specialize in all things creative. Located in Grand Rapids, MI.

Property of Studio 623

Glass Jar Photography- (pricing unavailable)
A Katie Holmes and Adam Lavigne look alike couple who specialize in vintage and fine art weddings.
Located in Huntsville, AL.
Property of Glass Jar Photography

And the lovely lady that I've decided to go with is:

Annabella Charles - (collections starting at 3200)
A darling who shoots beautiful, light + airy pictures with an assistant. Located in Memphis, TN. 

Property of Annabella Charles Photography

Just a few TIPS for your picking:

  • Try and find someone who includes an engagement session, or at least offers it. 
  • Shoot with 2. Find someone who has 2 photographer or shoots with an assistant. You'll get another set of eyes with different viewpoints and twice the photos. 
  • Decide if you want extras. Add ons can include anything of a guest book of your engagement session to a photobooth set up at the reception for your guests. 
  • Talk in person. Never rely on email only. Call, skype, or meet in person with your potential photographer. Chances are you will hit it off, or maybe not at all. You want someone who gets you and your vision. 
  • Talk hours. Make sure to get the details of when and where they'll be the whole day. 
  • Hand it over. Once you make a decision, breathe, and let them make you pretty. 


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