Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Soo Pinteresting

   What would a girl DO without Pinterest these days? It's genius, super helpful, and what I've recently relied on most to get ideas on wedding decor, dresses, food, and photography. I've come across some amazing little things lately and I wanted to share Bouquets/Flowers with you today, my dears.

   I didn't realize that when I started envisioning flowers for my big day, my dreams would be cut short by someone telling me they are out of season or very expensive. Of course. Champagne taste on a beer budget. But I'm hard headed so I researched ways of getting around this and basically my conclusion is that I can a.) pay more for flowers to be imported from far, far away or b.) find similar ones that look almost identical to the budding blossoms I had hoped for. Let's go with option B. (But feel free to choose A if your budget allows).

Red Dahlia Bouquet
(available year round)
Zinnia Queen Red/Lime Bouquet
(available year round)
Yellow Acacia Bouquet
(available Spring + Summer) 

Bouquet Mix of Roses, Succulents + Baby's Breath
(available year round)
Blush Pink Peonies
Similar Seeds: English Tea Roses, Ranunculus 
(available Spring + Summer)
Mason Jar White Flower  Centerpiece 

White Bouquet Mix of Peonies, Roses + Ranunculus

As great as Pinterest is there are times when I want to throw my computer across the room because I found something so amazing only to find when clicked, it leads me to Tumblr or somewhere in China. Use this tip: Save the picture to your desktop. Pull up Google in a separate browser and click on Images. There should be a tiny camera icon in the search box. Click on the camera and it will prompt you to upload a picture from your desktop. Google (being the awesome guy that he is), will reference every single website, image, or download that your selected pictured has ever been on the Internet. Find a safe and desirable website and order away. :)


  1. OMG, I never knew you could do that with a picture!!!!

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