Monday, February 4, 2013

Dressed To Impress

235 Days to go until Wedding Time!!

I have a checklist that shows big things to nail down each month- in that handy Mindy Weiss Wedding Organizer. Months 12-9 go as follows:

  • Draw up preliminary guest list. { still in progress }
  • Set wedding date. { done! }
  • Scope out/book ceremony/reception sites. { done! }
  • Hire wedding planner. { i'm not using one, so, done! }
  • Hire photographer. { still in progress }
  • Book officiant. { done! }
Some of these still aren't complete but that's okay, don't fret if you are a couple weeks behind. Just keep in mind that more affordable companies/dates will book up faster and you could be left having to choose another route than you had hoped. If you see something that is oh-so-lovely and in your price range, jump on it quickly. Then, mark that thing off of your list and you're a little closer to your big day. {It also helps to spread out the finances so you aren't paying for everything all at once. If you break up the payments of each venue by when you book them, it's easier on your (or dad's) wallet.} 

So, since it is now February and 8 months are left in my journey I need to get on this checklist:
  • Select bridesmaids. { done! }
  • Refine guestlist. { still in progress }
  • Start looking at invitations. { done! }
  • Book blocks of rooms for out-of-towners. { still in progress }
Bridesmaids are the easy part. Deciding what they'll wear is the challenging (fun!) part. I found a picture (on Pinterest, of course) that inspired me to go a different way from the traditional taffeta trends and venture off into the world of selecting different dresses for each bridesmaid. AHHH! Just kidding- it's actually quite awesome. Most of you have probably seen Molly Sims' amazing bridesmaids photo floating around every woman's Pinterest board. These stunning dresses were obviously made to order with a custom theme and personal seamstress at hand. In my case, that's not the case. BUT! Here are some tips to help ensure that our collection turns out cohesive.  
  1. True Colors- {Pick a color and stick to slight variations of it. Don't get too far off track or one bolder dress could stick out like a metal chair at a chaise lounge party.}
  2. Material Girl- {All satin, all chiffon, all beaded, etc. - this will help make the group look as if they came from the same store, same website, same designer- even though this was all mastered by you! Chiffon and Taffeta are the 2 leading textures in traditonal dress shops so keep that in mind as you start researching options. More options, more dresses to choose from.}
  3. Day Dream- {When you think about your day, the best thing is that it's your day. It has a flair to it, a speciality, details that make it your style. Keep your 'theme' and YOUR dress in mind while picking out your bridal party dresses. All dresses are not created equal and aren't always the traditonal color! Choose accordingly. Those gowns need to flatter you, not forget you.}
  4. To Each Their Own- {Everyone is different, especially with style. This is why having options for dresses can be awesome. Skinny Minnie, Precious Preggers, and Average Annie proooobably won't all get excited about the same threads. Let each girl's personality shine through and find them something they will actually like. I know, I know- but it's only a myth that you have to find dresses that no one will every wear again! It's 2013, demand a hot bridal party!}
  5. Accessories Not Included- {Style your sisters right. Let the person whose dress is very simple adorn a bigger/better necklace. If another girl's dress has some bling, assign her with understated stud earrings. Be smart and use the jewels to accentuate the gals' gowns.}
via Meagan Mitchell on Pinterest

Dress shopping has been one of the funnest (yes, I use that word) parts of this process. I won't reveal what dresses I have picked yet but I will share with you some websites/stores that have been very helpful in my selection. Here we go:
Dessy Bridesmaids
Strapless Style 2882 in Cameo

Watters Bridal
Dress 1341 & 1346 in Positano + Smoke

Adrianna Papell via Nordstrom
Sequin Blousen Dress in Gold

Virgo's Lounge
Nicola Dress in Mustard

Badgley Mischka via Rent the Runway
Rosalind Peplum Gown in Black
(Retail $695, Rent $135)

There are a thousand ways you could go with bridesmaids dresses so figure out your main colors and go from there. Be creative, let loose, and have some fun! 


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