Thursday, January 17, 2013

Put A Ring On It

   Most ladies, I assume (because I did), at least have glanced at the bling from time to time. If you're not sure which rock you wanna rock start with picking out the shape you like best and go from there. Some rings come with bands included and some do not. But that's okay if you're wanting to customize and pick it out yourself! Here's my advice:

  • Try Them On! -Bling looks better on your finger, not in a case. There are probably more styles that you like when you see it on and it could sway your decision. 
  • Shop Shop, Shop Around! -Prices, clarity, quality, service.. It all matters when making such a big purchase & even though you may not be the one footing the bill, your diamond could go up in size with a comparable store willing to do business with you. And! your man will love you   even more. 
  • Let Him Know! -Let your better half know what is going on in that brain of yours and tell him what you're leaning towards. They're right, they can't read our minds, so give him an idea to go on. If you're the kind of girl who doesn't want to involve the man, tell a best friend or family member so they can relay the message. 
(Emerald Diamond Rose Gold
w/ Double Halo)
Ziva Jewels
(Marquise Diamond)
SYLVIE Collection
Genesis Diamonds
There are a couple things to do after the question is asked & you receive your dream bling:
1. Shout out Oh, Happy Day! 

2. Tag your ring on Instagram or Twitter with #martharings and #ringoftheday for your chance to be on Martha Stewart's Wedding Blog online and on their Instagram! Here is my picture that was featured on the Ring of the Day Blog. Good Luck!! 

Moving On!
{ one last thing }

   I don't know about you but picking out my bridal party was a cinch. These are my closest friends, my gals, and partners in crime. I used this precious folded card from Rifle Paper Co. to send out to my bridesmaids a couple weeks after the proposal. The cards come in a box set of 8 and they also have Matron of Honor + Flower Girl cards.

Have a fantastic week!   xoxo

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