Thursday, January 17, 2013

Man of the Hour

   Matthew and I met at Delta State University in 2008. He was a baseball boy, and a good lookin' one at that, so I kept him on my radar and snagged him up real quick before this keeper was kept by another woman. Opening doors and paying for meals was something I thought had gone out the window long ago, but I found it in a boy from Brandon, MS and chivalry was alive once again. I fell in love him with him, then in love with his amazing family. Now, every relationship has its roller coaster moments and in 2010 we spent some time apart but (not) to our surprise we found our way back to what was fate and perfect timing for the two of us. The way things fall into place is uncanny to me, and worth writing a blog about.

   So, on Thanksgiving night Matthew proposed to me on the Keesler Bridge in my hometown of  Greenwood, MS. Our families were able to be present and witness the entire thing. I knew it might be in the near future but never did I guess that night I would go from girlfriend to fiance. 12 hours later, I was planning a wedding.
 My first purchase for the big day was a Mindy Weiss Wedding Planner book. Every single detail you could ever think (or not think) of is in this fantastic organizer. I also got one as a gift for a friend who was also starting the process of planning a wedding- it's that good. It covers Budgets to Bouquets, Food to Photography, and! has a step by step checklist for monthly, weekly, up-to-the-day duties! Whew..

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  1. Hey Hey! That other friend is me!!! And it was the most perfect gift I have could have gotten (besides my ring). I LOVE your blog and I miss you SO much! We have to have a phone date soon. Love you!